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We use our machine learning algorithms and satelite images to compute historic field performance and determine loan compliance. Lenders are notified automatically about the default once the farmer deviates beyond a defined threshold, .

It also generates vegetation index which advices where to apply nutrients, water or fertilizers based on soil variability and improves trust between lender and farmer.
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What we do

Improving agricultural practices with remote sensing

Farmsky helps collect, processes and analyzes large amounts of data from satellites using its own and known algorithms. We extract and share valuable insights with the users to help them quickly respond to any changes and effectively tackle farm problems.

Crop condition assesment

Remote sensing technology helps asses the health condition of each crop, this data is then used to determine the quality of the crop.

Crop yield modelling and estimation

Farmsky helps farmers and experts to predict the expected crop yield from a farmland by estimating the quality of the crop and the size of the farm.

Satellite monitoring and analytics

Using powerful satellite images and data, Farmsky helps farmers get powerful insights from farmland, such as water stress level, soil type mapping etc.

Monitoring weather patterns

Our Remote sensing technology can be used to monitor the weather patterns such as rainfall and drought patterns over a given area

Make the green world

Remote Sensing in Agriculture

4 things you should know about Remote sensing in Agriculture

The role of remote sensing tools (satellite, drone, etc.) in agricultural developments

How remote monitoring of farms reduces loan risks

Using remote monitoring of farms lands as a means to provide an early warning system for loan repayment risk

The future of remote sensing for farmers in Nigeria

From connecting farmers to loans and and helping to predict farm yield for local farmers. We analyze how remote sensing stands to benefit local farmers in Nigeria


The Great Team Will Always Help You

Olushola Ogunniyi
MSc, Information Technology

MSc, Geographic Information Technoloy (in-view)

Vivek Kumar Kadian
Business Development |

Enterprise Sales

Adeniyi Coker
Agronomist | Extension Officer
Msc (inview ),
Geographic Information Science

Bsc, Agricultural Science

Deji Bakare
Data Scientist
BSc, Mathemetics

PMP, Certified Project Manager


The Advisory Team

Bookie Ezeomah
PhD Researcher, Agricultural Finance

MSc, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Marie Makuate
PhD Researcher,
Remote Sensing and Geomatics

Msc, Biology
Msc, Environmental Impact Assessment
Msc Geographic Infomation Science

Dr. Glory Enarvbe
PhD, Environmental Geography

MSc, Geographical Information Systems

Shola Abolaji
Farmer and Enterprise Business Development Expert with over 15 years experience selling enterprise solutions.

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